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Tips for Consuming Psilocybin Mushrooms

Psilocybin mushrooms are similar to dynamite. In the hand of adults, it can be used to great benefit. It is a hallucinogenic substance that can manage conditions like depression and anxiety. Psilocybes remain illegal in certain places, while you can easily find them in shops and various online platforms from countries where they are legal. I’m so happy I found a place where I can buy Treasure Coast shrooms in Canada. You should use them correctly for the best results. Here is a simple guide to help you out.

The Dosage Forms

Fresh Mushrooms

The fresh mushroomsmushrooms are usually finger-thick and finger-length. They don’t have a unique smell. If you cut or squeeze them, they turn blue. These mushrooms should be consumed as fresh as possible. If you don’t know how old they are, you’d better do without them.

Dried Mushrooms

The dried mushrooms are relatively small (like the little finger) and very light. They are grayish, blotchy, and therefore quite unsightly. When dried, the mushrooms can usually no longer go moldy and therefore be kept for many months. However, if stored improperly (when it is damp and light), these mushrooms can also go moldy.

The Application

Here is how to use magic mushrooms


At least the fresh mushrooms can be chewed and then swallowed. It doesn’t taste good, but it is possible. The dried mushrooms have a consistency of cardboard – chewing them is a pain. The dried mushrooms are not very easy to digest, especially if they have not been adequately salivated.

Drink in a Broth

A broth in which the mushrooms are simmered for about 5 minutes is pleasant to the taste. In terms of effectiveness, it doesn’t seem to make much difference whether you take the mushrooms out of the broth after cooking or eat them – you can do without them in terms of taste. The fresh mushrooms get pretty slimy, and the dried ones are somehow still cardboard.

 Mix With Other Substances

If the mushroomspsychedelic mushrooms are mixed with juice or chocolate, the tissue is broken, and the psilocybin dissolves better. You only mix mushrooms with the carrier substance immediately before consumption.

From a taste point of view, an important note applies here: Be careful with what you mix the mushroom with. Some consumers ate it several times in fruit tea. The combination tastes disgusting – and just the smell of fruit tea makes these people very different.


You can also fry your magic mushrooms, which is ideal for bringing out that better taste. It is an ideal method of consumption because it brings out a unique taste. How about you follow this guide for better consumption.