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Frequently Asked Questions About Cloth Face Mask

The coronavirus pandemic effect is still being felt across the world, and it is important to protect ourselves and the people around us, maintaining a social distance between people. Additionally, wearing a cloth face masks, regularly cleaning our hands, and sanitizing are some of the most efficient ways of curbing the virus spread.

Wearing a face mask can minimize chances of you from spreading the virus if you have already contracted it and protect you from getting infected. We now have amazing face masks like the camo face mask, which protects you and looks elegant when wearing them.

After wearing your cloth mask for a while now, you might have some questions about them. In this article, we look at the frequently asked questions about cloth face masks.

How should I correctly wear my mask?

correct way to wear face masksRemember the effectiveness of the mask is dependent on how correctly you wear it. Ensure that the mask is covering both your nose and mouth, remains intact at the base of your chin and the bridge of your nose, and perfectly holds to your face without hindering your breathing.

While wearing the mask, do not be touching it now and again with your hands. You might either contract the virus from it or even contaminate it. Please make sure you always wash your hands after touching it. Hanging the mask just beneath your chin is not the correct way of wearing a face mask.

When should I wear my face mask?

people wearing face masksThe rule of thumb is that you should always be wearing your mask anytime you are in public places. We may not always maintain social distance in public areas, and masks are ideal for offering protection.

There are no particular places you can be told to wear your face mask, but it will be safer to wear it when visiting places like retail stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, or public transport like buses or trains. You can be without a mask if you are at a place where there is adequate space between you and the person near you.

Does wearing a mask allow you to disregard social distancing rules?

wearing face mask and social distancingWearing a cloth face mask is aimed at offering you additional protection against contracting the virus. It should not in no way be used as a substitute for social distancing. Social distancing rules can only be briefly ignored if you are at a place where you can hardly keep up with them.

How often should I wash my mask?

To keep your cloth, face mask virus-free and clean, ensure that you wash it after every use. You can wash it using any of the conventional washing methods like hand wash or machine wash. You can also buy more masks to use as you wait for the one that has been washed to dry completely.