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Features To Consider When Buying A Baby Swing

Babies tend to get grumpy and irritated now and then. Cradling the baby in your arms, swinging him back and forth is a great of way of soothing the baby. However, it is tiresome. The baby swing comes in handy. The baby swing offers similar motion without using your arms.

Baby swings come with various features and options. Forget the fancy features and pay attention to the basic features that promote the safety and comfort of the toddler. While purchasing a baby swing, there are a few features to consider.

Baby Swing Features

Power optionsbattery

The baby swings are powered using batteries, wind-up/manual or main powers. The battery operated swings are the most common and very convenient. However, one incurs the cost of purchasing batteries. The manual swings are versatile, inexpensive, but not very convenient. They require periodic rewinding.

Portable baby swings

Some swings are easy to move. The standard baby swings are bulky making transportation a big deal. The portable swings can be easily folded, stored and carried.

Swinging direction

The baby swings can move in various directions. Some move front to back and others side to side. Bed swings are ideal for infants while front to back swings are best for children who can sit up.

Swing speed

Some swings have only one speed. Others have up to eight varying speeds. Parents should assess what speed suits their toddlers, starting with the lowest.

Sturdiness and stability

The girth and width of the swing determine the robustness. Parents and caregivers should buy wide swings with a sturdy frame, to prevent the swing from collapsing and injuring the child. Additionally, go for swings that are low. Taller models are not safe for infants as they may trip.

Sounds and music

Some baby swings will have some fun sounds, or play some songs and music. Some sounds lull the baby to sleep while others keep them entertained when they awake. The choice to purchase a swing with music depends on the buyer. In some cases, the music and sounds may be irritating.

Movable trays

Swings with movable trays make it easy to place and remove the child from the chair. The tray should fold over the top or pull out from the sides. There are some swings with fixed trays. Others do not have any trays. They are ideal for older children.

Safety standards

Safety Always consider the safety standards before making a purchase. It should have a seal of approval from the safety association. Also, look out for any damages that may cause potential accidents.