Four Exercises that will Help you Grow Taller

Height is a big concern for many both men and women. For a man, being tall equates to higher chances of being successful in dating since women go for the tall guys. How tall one becomes is dependent on several factors like genetics, environment one is brought in, nutrition, age among others. However, with proper nutrition, enough sleep, and some form exercises one can increase height. Here is a list of four exercises that will help you grow taller if done correctly.

Cobra stretchstretching

This exercise is perfect for realigning the back and improving its flexibility. In this exercise, the body should lie flat on the chest with the palms on the floor under the shoulders. This is followed by arching the spine up with the chin leading. Do the arching as far as possible until the limit is reached. Hold this position for 5-10 seconds before going down. The process should be repeated several times.

Bridge stretch

This exercise is done while lying down with the knees bent. The feet should be flat on the floor and as close to the butt as possible. Grab the ankles with the hands and raise the hips up to form an arch with the spine while still holding onto the ankles. At the same time lifting the abs towards the ceiling as high as possible. If holding the ankle is impossible, then keeping the arms by the sides and using them to push oneself up is another alternative. Each move should be between 3-10 seconds before going down and doing a repeat of the same.

Doing a wall stretch

Doing a wall stretchThis may look like simple stretching exercise, but it may be harder when it comes to doing it. To do the wall stretch, stand up against a wall with the back facing the wall. Then lift up the hands and reach them up as high as possible while at the same time standing on the toes. While doing the stretch, it is important to keep the spine against the wall as flat as possible. Hold this position for 4-6 seconds before going down. Repeat the move several times.


Not only is swimming fun and a form of low impact exercise but it also helps the body grow taller through stretching. During swimming the back, arms and legs are fully stretched thereby adding few inches to one’s height.