By the Numbers: Follow the Money

February 3, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s effective tax rate for 2010 … 13.9%
The speaking fees income Romney characterized as “not very much” … $374,327
President Obama’s reported effective federal tax rate on his 2010 family income … 26%
Top tax rate for wages and salaries, which constitute most earnings for the majority of people … 35%
Romney family income 2010–2011 … at least $9.6 million
President Obama’s 2010 reported income, most of which came from the sale of Mr. Obama’s books … $1,728,096
Amount of taxes paid by the President and his wife, Michelle, filing jointly in 2010 … $453,770
Mitt Romney’s estimated personal wealth … $190 million–$250 million
Capital gains rate set to return in 2013 if Bush-era tax cuts are not renewed … 20%
Tax rate for dividend income set to return in 2013 … 39.6%
Continued rate for capital gains and dividend income advocated by Romney and other Rep. candidates … 15%
Federal funding secured by Rick Santorum for 54 earmark projects as part of the 2006 defense appropriations bill … $124 million
Campaign contributions from lobbyists and people associated with companies benefiting from Senator Santorum’s earmarks in 2006 … $200,000+
Estimated total Santorum earmarks in 12 years in the Senate … more than $1 billion
Percentage and number of votes by which Santorum lost his PA Senate seat to Bob Casey in 2006 … 17.4%
Estimated amount of cash reserves held by U.S. CEOs waiting for the perfect moment to invest in “job creation” … $2 trillion
JP Morgan Chase’s “magnanimous” donations to 5 community nonprofits, as shown in a 2-hour NBC TV special promoting Chase … $2 million
Salary and bonuses Chase paid its CEO in 2011 … $23 million
Reserves held by Chase in 2011 … $104 billion
Salary of Robert Patterson, Governor Corbett’s (now-departed) welfare advisor recently exposed as a longtime opponent of welfare programs, birth control, and women working outside the home … $104,470

Sources: New York Times, Taxpayers for Common Sense, Wikipedia, Hightower Lowdown

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