By the Numbers: Why we need the Occupy Wall Street Movement

December 1, 2011

State grants given to build Kohl’s department store in downtown Williamsport: $5 million
Retail jobs at Williamsport Kohl’s: 130
Personal pay “earned” by NY hedge fund profiteer John Paulson last year by suckering investors & betting that the U.S. real estate market would collapse: $5 billion
Number of high-paying jobs John Paulson claimed to have created: 100
Loan guarantee the federal government gave to energy innovation company Solyandra to build a new plant: $535 million
Construction workers employed by Solyandra to build the new plant: about 3,000
Year the Solyandra loan guarantee was conditionally approved under the Bush Administration: 2007
Taxpayer bailout received by Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs so that it could provide capital to job-creating enterprises: $10 billion+
Record profits Goldman Sachs is hoarding this year: $2.7 billion
U.S. jobs cut this year by Goldman Sachs: 1,000
New hires in Singapore by Goldman Sachs this year: 1,000
Decreases expected in Wall Street executive bonuses this year: 20-30%
Average annual income of top 500 CEOs in the U.S.: $11 million
Percentage of Americans making under $26,000 a year: 50%
“Donation” given by Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, to NYPD Foundation a few months before NYPD prevented Occupy Wall Street from demonstrating in Chase Plaza: $4.6 million
Price of an ostrich omelet for brunch at the trendy Ajna Bar in New York City’s Meatpacking District: $2,500
Amount of hourly raise secured by SEIU for home care workers in Williamsport as part of their new contract: 25 & 35¢
Top hourly wages for those home care workers in Williamsport: $11
Annual health insurance premiums/deductible for a Wal-Mart “associate” & her son under the company’s new reductions in health care coverage: $468 / $5,000
Annual salary of the same sales associate: $19,000
Maximum percentage of income this employee will pay in 2014 for health care coverage under the new health care law: 9.5%, or $1,805
Congressional Republicans’ proposed cuts to Medicare: $165 billion
Cost of Congressional Republicans’ proposed subsidies for big oil companies, tax breaks for companies that keep their profi ts offshore, and tax breaks for millionaires: $172 billion
Amount the Koch brother-funded Federalist Society paid Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife Ginny, 2003-2007: $686,000
Amount Texas right-wing billionaire paid Ginny Thomas last year to start a Tea Party group that lobbies on issues coming up before the Supreme Court: $500,000

SOURCES: Williamsport Sun Gazette, New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, Washington Post, Hightower Lowdown

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