By the Numbers: Who’s waging class warfare now?

October 1, 2011

Take-home pay of the chairman of Merck in 2010 … $17.9 million
Number of workers Merck plans to lay off this year … 13,000
What the CEO of Bank of America takes in annually … $10 million
Number of workers Bank of America has announced it’s laying off … 30,000
Amount of nation’s income taken in 1979 by those in the top 0.1% … 1.11%
Amount of the nation’s income taken now by those in the top 0.1% … 5%
Percentage of American households affected if the Buffett Rule is enacted, raising tax rates on the richest of the rich … 0.3%
Historically high amount of cash reserves currently held by the nation’s banks, as they balk at renegotiating mortgages and making small business loans … $1.64 trillion
Percent of America’s total income taken home by the top 1% of Americans … more than 20%
When that rate was last this high … 90 years ago
Capital gains tax rate, which no one in government has proposed raising … 15%
Percent of income of America’s richest 400 that comes in the form of capital gains … about 80%
Percent of Americans who are millionaires (or were before the crash of 2008) … 3%
Percent of Americans who expect to be millionaires at some point in their lives … 33%
Ratio of upwardly mobile Canadian workers to upwardly mobile U.S. workers … 2.5 to 1
Ratio of upwardly mobile Danish workers to upwardly mobile U.S. workers … 3 to 1
Percent of American families that are upwardly mobile … 34%
Percent of American families that are downwardly mobile … 33%
Amount earned in 2010 by Subways and other franchises owned by Rep. John Fleming (R-LA) … $6.3 million
Pitifully small amount of profi ts Fleming says he has left over after paying his costs and salaries of 500 employees … $600,000
Even more pitiful amount he has left over after feeding his family … $400,000
Amount Texas Gov. and media-anointed presidential front-runner Rick Perry (R) charged to taxpayers for family vacations, tours to promote his book, and campaign events … $294,000

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