Put the Brakes on Gas Drilling

April 1, 2011

The gas drilling has only recently begun, but already we are seeing an increase in traffic congestion and accidents and an increase in crime.  And no one seems to have fully thought through how to safely deal with the toxic waste coming out of these wells.

If we don’t do something now, this will only get much worse.  Do we want nonstop truck traffic on our rural roads?  Do we want our clean air and water threatened by fracturing chemicals and toxic waste?  Do we want urban levels of crime?

The gas will always be down there, and this nation will always need that gas.  The drilling can be paced so its effects do not overwhelm our county or degrade our quality of life.  This “gas rush” just doesn’t make sense.

The state gives counties no say in the gas well permitting process.  That’s not right.  Contact the county commissioners and urge them to fight for a seat at the table — and to insist on slow and reasonable gas development.

We have the right to determine the future of our county.

— a concerned citizen

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